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  1. How To Turn Your Screen Black & White
  2. How to Print in Black & White on Mac
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How To Turn Your Screen Black & White

Dark Mode in macOS Mojave is really awesome, but it shines in some apps better than others. Dark Mode is excellent in iTunes and Photos where colors pop off the screen, but it can make reading more difficult in text-focused apps. Light Mode or Dark Mode. First is legibility. You can use Dark Mode for the chrome around Mail but still use Light Mode for the actual message that you need to read.

How to Print in Black & White on Mac

For some, Dark Mode may not seem like a big deal, but Dark Mode has many benefits. The higher contrast of text makes it easier to read documents and menu items.

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Using dark colors instead of white reduces glare, which in turn reduces eye fatigue. Most importantly, Dark Mode can improve your ability certain aspects of video and photos, such as color and detail.

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Apple is allowing third-party apps to use it, too, so if you want to use Dark Mode with a non-Apple app, check with that developer for an update. Dark Mode is very easy to activate in macOS Mojave. Find out more about page archiving.

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Areas in this guide: Use the high-contrast colour scheme Change the desktop background colour Note: Share this page. Video how to guide Text version.

Best ways to fix a white screen on Mac

Download the Adobe Flash player. Use the high-contrast colour scheme. Step 1: Open the 'Universal Access' window Make sure you are in 'Finder'. Step 2: Change to the 'white on black' colour scheme Under the 'Display' header, click the radio button next to ' White on Black ', or press Tab until the 'Black on White' radio button is highlighted as shown in Fig 3 and use the up or down arrow key to select ' White on Black '.

Fig 3 The colour scheme will change straight away. Step 3: Set the display to grayscale Under the 'Display' header, tick the box next to ' Use grayscale ' by clicking on it, or by pressing Tab until the box is highlighted and then pressing the Spacebar.