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You can also analyze huge datasets with a wide range of statistics operations and probability distributions. MacAnova is an open source interactive statistical analysis software for both Windows and Macintosh. Despite the name, MacAnova is not just for doing analysis of Variance.

Wizard Pro for Mac

It can also be used for uni and multivariate exploratory statistics. MacAnova has a command line oriented interface but the software has been developed so that some functions can be accessed via a menus. PSPP is a free statistical anaylsis software for Mac for analysis of sampled data.

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However, PSPP is aimed more at statisticians, social scientists and students that need quick analysis of sampled data. PSPP can perform various complex data transformation functions.


If the lack of user interface in much of the statistical software featured here intimidates you, SOFA may be a better choice. SOFA is a user-friendly statistics analysis and reporting program with a refreshing focus on ease of use and elegant graphical displays. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Download Free Trial.

You will benefit from the reduced learning curve and attractive pricing while enjoying the benefits of precise routines and calculations.

Statistics Finally Clicks.

Get a Quote Today. Upgrade Now. View Features List. Multi-platform StatPlus: Looking for Windows version? Free Trial We have free trial that gives you an opportunity to evaluate the software before you purchase it. Affordable StatPlus: Requirements StatPlus: Priority support. Bug fix warranty and free major upgrades during your maintenance period.

Access to Windows version. Basic Statistics Detailed descriptive statistics. One-sample t-test.

How to Install R for Mac and Use a Few Basic Functions

Two-sample t-test also includes Pagurova Criterion, G-Criterion. Two-sample t-test for summarized data.

Wizard for Mac

Fisher F-test. PDF documentation Stata for Mac comes in four flavors: For details, see Which Stata is right for me?

Statistical Analysis Software for Mac and Windows | JMP

Data Analysis and Statistical Software. Products Stata Why Stata? Go Stata. Purchase Products Training Support Company. Frequently Asked Questions Which Stata is right for me? Does Stata support Macs with a Retina display? Is there a bit version of Stata that allows more memory to be allocated? Is Stata compatible with macOS Mojave? Please make sure you are running the latest update of Stata