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Live Chat. View Bag. Depending on your lips natural color it may just disappear on your lips making them appear flat and blah. I have a close dupe from NYX and I cannot use it by itself I have to line my lips with a darker pencil MAC Chestnut I second Shelley, these pink tones tend not to show up on deeper skin tones.

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    Lip Pencil | MAC Cosmetics - Official Site

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    Mac Lip Liner Dupes

    This is the best. Better than anything I have seen! I just wanted to let you know that when you listed the dupes, you started with NYX on the left and MAC on the right and then switched and then I think for the last one you switched it back! It was a bit confusing at first but I got it in the end x.

    Any Dupes for MAC Soar lipliner??

    This is great. I've been wanting Night Mouth now I can justify the expense since there is no true dupe. Thank you so much for these detailed informations, you spoke right out of my heart! So, if you mixed nyx y2k and deep purple, would that be a better dupe for nightmoth???!

    It looks like y2k just needs a berry undertone Post a Comment. Welcome to Baroque In Babylon! Well, this made me laugh a little. On Cherry Culture , the ingredients are listed as: Long Lip Pencil. Ha ha!

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    I guess technically that is true. I mean, I'm all kinds of ingredients too like, carbon, water, keratin, proteins Very funny, Cherry Culture. Shade selections are as follows I heart'ed the shades I own:. Colors of both long and short pencils that I haven't previously swatched are: Here's what gets weird though, long and short might have similar names.

    Or they get weird on you and in the short it's 'Currant' but in the long it's 'Current', argh! Also, shades may come and go. I am seeing with my own eyeballs that I own the long pencil in Deep Purple but when I research buying the long pencil in Deep Purple, it doesn't exist Since I don't own the slim in Deep Purple, I can't compare. Let's just say for the record that long and slim pencils of the same name are not necessarily the same shade. That's my beef with Nyx. Don't confuse me like that, Nyx I'm a girl of simple pleasures, let's just keep the names straight and keep them available.

    So, if you're not totally confused yet, I own a total of let me go actually count in my drawer 37 pencils from Nyx. Now that we've gotten Nyx out of the way, stats down and ready to rumble.

    MAC Chestnut Lip Pencil Review, Swatch

    Here comes MAC. Ah, MAC. We all collect you and hate your prices and love your products. Even your 15 LE releases a year. For lip pencils, you get options. There's pro longwear, regular lip pencils, and cremestick liners. I only own one of the pro longwear and the rest are standard lip pencils.