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User profile for user: Bryan Duke Bryan Duke. The tech specs say that I can drive 3 monitors with that card, however it's only letting me drive two. I'm using DVI-D cables on everything.

Mac Pro mid 2010 - 3 monitors

When I connect all three monitors, the two monitors connected to the Mini DisplayPorts are detected, but the monitor connected to the DVI port isn't. The only note on the tech specs page says: I've tried rebooting, sleeping, disconnecting, etc - no luck. Any suggestions?

MacBook Pro 15" Late 2013 With 3 External Monitors

Thanks, -Bryan. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

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Loading page content. It would have been cheaper to get two s instead of the I really hope this isn't the case. If so, this caveat really needs to be on the tech specs page. Thanks, -Bryan http: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: The display you have connected to the DVI port certainly seems to have a lot of optional ways to connect, in addition to full-digital.

I wonder whether it is picking up the VGA signals the bar and the four pins around it at the end of the connector for some reason, and that may be influencing how many can be used at once. Nevermind my goofy theory, the article says this has nothing to do with it. The article you cited seems pretty unequivocal. When the specs were first issued, it said "max of two DVI displays", then was amended to remove that footnote. I guess they need half that footnote restored.


But it certainly does stink to be the guy on the "bleeding edge". Message was edited by: I have an interesting update to this thread. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Team! The Mini DisplayPort is a direct fit into the Thunderbolt ports.

According to the specs you cannot run 3 4k monitors over HDMI even with adapters. I just got a Mac Pro, late I have three monitors working presently — and predictably desire four: Is adding a fourth monitor as simple as a passive mini-port to VGA connection also to a Viewsonic, as above using Mini 3 or Mini 4?

Buying and Setting up a 2010 Mac Pro with 3 Monitors? Read This First!

Is dual Mini port needed? These appear to require more resolution than I have on a monitor in order to work correctly. Adding a 4th screen will be as easy as your other monitors. This does not require dual ports. What software are you planning to using I do this for a living if you are going to play a single file that is that large it can be done.

Options are many. I would suggest a few options Millumin at http: The use of 6 monitors is possible and with the specifications from Apple there are no restrictions being able to just use mirroring mode. This set up and the use of an extended desktop would be possible in both Apple Support Document. My use is as a day trading station, 5 days a week. Delays at market opening or market close can be costly! Currently am using a Mac book pro 2. Then two Unitek USB external display adapters drive two other by monoprice screens.

Whenever I try a third by , does not work; however, if fifth screen is by , that works. But… can be rather slow for some tasks; also, for starting up in the morning or restarting during trading day. So, would like to go to six screens this fall. Wondering if basic Mac Pro best; or, if should go with D or D graphics; or, if a used Mac Pro with multiple graphics cards would do the job as well and as reliably.

More than six screens, if no performance delays, would be even better! Lots of screens to scan at critical times. Also, would 4 core basic cpu at faster clock speed be best, or are 6, 8 or more cores better for this application, even if at slower ghz speeds? I know your post is almost a year old, but I thought I should reply. Late last year, active single-link DVI adapters became available that function in the same way as the active dual-link adapter that Apple sells, but is intended for use with smaller, single-link monitors.

These provide the same added intelligence that the dual-link adapters provide, but only support single-link resolutions. Can these adapters be used with this card in a mid 5,1 Mac Pro to drive the second and third monitors in a three-monitor setup? To run 3 monitors with this card - 2 of them need to be "active" on the display port connections. I'm doing this in both a and mac pro. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to get 3 x monitors working on a Mac Pro Ask Question. It has two mini-display ports, and one DVI port I have tried the following configurations: All 3 DVI connections: Is this even possible without Apple's dual link adapters? Shane Hsu 1, 1 13 David David 1 6.

Mac Pro with 3 displays, experiences? [Archive] - Avid Pro Audio Community

Also, there isn't a Mac Pro. The most recent one is updated a few years ago.

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