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I have these troubles installing node-canvas on my Mac I upgraded node to v4. Sorry, I can't attach the npm debug file, so I'll paste the content here. Please excuse, If this issue has been reported yet. I didn't find it in the jungle.. System Darwin Darwin Exit status 1 npm ERR! Failed at the canvas 1. This is most likely a problem with the canvas package, npm ERR! Tell the author that this fails on your system: You can get their info via: There is likely additional logging output above.

Please include the following file with any support request: At least the appstore does not find any updates. Most of you getting that error "cc1plus: So how to solve this error so here is the solution. So you need to degrade your nodejs and node-gyp version and specify the python version if you have multiple python versions installed on your system and then you will not get above error anymore. I degraded to the following version and got it worked. My Linux system has following version installed. For Detailed Tutorial go to http: Skip to content.

Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Users can send crash reports directly to Cultured Code now.

Fixed an issue where an empty project title would prevent any items from being shown in 'Next'. Fixed an issue where moving project to-dos using the keyboard in the Next or Today lists would result in the user interface switching to project view. Fixed an issue where moving a project to an area removed the Today status of all to-dos in the project.

Things now auto-saves before entering read-only mode. Fixed an issue where date strings in the Scheduled list overlapped other UI elements for some languages. Fixed an issue where Things would not select the corresponding item when opening a Things to-do search result in the Finder if Things wasn't already running. Things Helper. Fixed an issue where the Things Helper application would prevent some systems from entering sleep mode. Fixed an issue where missing executable permissions on the Things Helper application would result in Things crashing.

Japanese localization fixes. French localization fixes. A project can now contain active, inactive, and scheduled to-dos simultaneously. Minor localization improvements. Fixed a bug that could result in Things launching with a blank interface. Fixed a bug where multiple Help menus could be displayed. Added support for emptying the Trash immediately. Hold down the option key while choosing the "Empty Trash Fixed an issue where the title of a to-do could have multiple lines when entered via Quicksilver.

Additional fixes for the issue where Things sometimes started with an empty window and remained unresponsive for some time. Fixed a bug that could result in missing search results when searching for tags that contain subtags. Added missing translations for Tags window. Things for iPhone 1. Fixed an issue where file links containing a combination of Unicode characters and spaces were duplicated each time when opening the corresponding to-do.

In some situations, Things would crash when launching Things 1. Fixed an issue where Things sometimes started with an empty window and remained unresponsive. Fixed an issue where Quick Entry dialog shortcuts would get recreated even though the shortcuts were removed by the user. Updated texts in the Welcome screen and licensing dialogs to be more suitable for the retail version.

Added Quick Entry autofill support for Microsoft Entourage. Things now launches faster in situations where many to-dos are created in or moved to the Today list e. Creation of projects is faster for libraries that contain many active projects. Various smaller performance improvements. Things now uses a background application to collect changes occurring in systemwide to-dos even when it is not running.

This allowed us to complete a workaround for an Apple Mail iCal sync issue. Bug fix. Previously the search field lost focus when an entered search term was deleted. This is fixed now. The action pop-up button lower-left of main window now uses more appropriate menu items when a teammate is selected. The mail-link which is automatically added to to-dos created in Apple Mail now has a "Show in Mail" title instead of the technical URL that had been previously displayed. The size of the "File In some situations Things crashed when emptying Trash. Fixed a problem where certain links from iCal syncing did not work properly.

Disabling automatic checking for updates now works correctly. The database upgrade dialog no longer appears when launching Things for the first time. Fixed an issue with editing due dates and schedule dates using the keyboard. Fixed an issue when dragging and dropping e-mail messages to the notes field when using a Chinese environment. Fixed handling of double-clicks performed on Things' main window when in the background. The selection in the detail list now gets updated properly before editing. Fixed an issue when invoking Quick Entry crashed the entire application.

Spanish localization fixes. Complete overhaul of French localization including a localized version of the Help Book. Fixed a bug that in some rare cases crashed the application when invoking the Quick Entry dialog. Fixed a bug that caused the File dialog to freeze in some circumstances. Removed a German string that inadvertently found its way into the English localization. Added acknowledgement for the keyboard shortcut recorder we are using in preferences.

When entering tags in the corresponding field of a to-do, in addition to autocompletion, it is now also possible to use tag shortcuts. Repeating to-dos. In addition to "last", also added "31st" as an option to specify the last day of a month. Partial fix for an issue where Mail. In the Projects list, the Next toolbar item is no longer shown when no projects are selected.

This is fixed. When removing an item from the Today list by clicking the "Not Today" toolbar item, the toolbar item's title no longer incorrectly changes to "Today". When dragging cards from Address Book to the Things dock icon, the corresponding link in the new to-do's notes section is now created correctly does not work on Snow Leopard yet.

Instead the arrow badge is shown to indicate that only a link alias to the file is generated. Quick Entry. Tasks entered using the Quick Entry dialog are now saved to disk immediately. Fixed an issue related to adding to-dos to an area using plug-ins in third party apps. Status line bottom of main window. The item count is now displayed correctly when filtering by tags in the Someday list.

Adding teammates. Previously double-clicking was necessary. Quick Look now displays file links in the notes field of a to-do correctly. When automatic downloading of Things software updates in the background is enabled, version information is now displayed correctly in the corresponding dialog window. Re-setting already defined keyboard shortcuts now works as expected. Added "with autofill" parameter to "show quick entry panel" command.

Added support for localized release notes. Fixes for German. The hotkeys for the Quick Entry dialog can now be enabled or disabled independently. General Preferences. Added an option to disable Spotlight indexing of Things items. Links to Address Book entries can now be created by dragging and dropping Address Book cards into the notes of a to-do. Dragging and dropping multiple emails into the notes of a to-do now correctly creates links to all messages. The Help menu now contains a link to the keyboard shortcuts page.

On Snow Leopard, the blue selection indicator is now removed after dragging an item on a project in the sidebar. When invoking the Quick Entry dialog with the autofill shortcut, the System alert volume would sometimes be set to zero. Bug fix: A due date is no longer added to a to-do if only Shift-, is pressed, as opposed to Control-Shift-,. The Quick Entry dialog would not appear when invoking the hotkeys while the Things preferences window was open. Having Firefox installed inside a Parallels Windows virtual machine no longer interferes with the Quick Entry autofill feature.

When using the Japanese Hiragana input method, the text entered in a title no longer disappears when reaching the end of the line. When using the Japanese Kotoeri input method, pressing return in the Quick Entry dialog no longer dismisses the dialog. The default hotkeys for the Quick Entry dialog on Japanese systems no longer interfere with the Mac OS X hotkeys for switching input methods. Fixed a bug where Things would crash when upgrading from an version of Things prior to 1.

Application Launcher Plugins. Minor localization fixes for Japanese, French, Spanish, and Russian. Added autofill support for Firefox 3. Fixed French and Russian localization glitches. Updated Helpbook to reflect new keyboard shortcuts. Autofill no longer creates links when viewing Top Sites or the Bookmarks page in Safari. Due dates are now correctly recognized when specifying them via LaunchBar on Links to files would get duplicated if the file name contained both Hiragana and Latin characters.

The due date is no longer decreased by 7 days if only Shift-, is pressed, as opposed to Control-Shift-,. Quick Entry dialog autofill. Quick Entry can now automatically grab and populate content from apps like Safari, Mail, and the Finder. Added many Keyboard Shortcuts. Navigate Things entirely with your keyboard. Spotlight integration. Added localizations for French, Spanish, and Russian. Reduced the amount of time it takes to process recurring tasks during daily maintenance. Quick Look integration. Quickly view the content of your tasks right from Spotlight search results in the Finder.

Tag shortcuts are no longer automatically created when creating a new tag. Help Book. Updated the indices for the Things Help book in all localizations. The due date no longer gets set when tabbing through the due date field. Fixed issues where the Quick Entry dialog could become unresponsive when trying to save a to-do and subsequently dismissing the Quick Entry dialog. Fixed a bug where pressing Return in the tags and notes field was saving the to-do instead of creating a new line. Drag and dropping text into the title field now removes the default text "New To Do". Quick Entry dialog was not saving an entered to-do when invoking the Quick Entry dialog again.

Fixed a bug in the German localization where Today, Next, names of teammates, etc. Changed the date format for year from ISO year-week calendar to calendar year to fix an issue where the ISO calendar differed from the calendar year. Fixed an issue where Things did not work properly with Japanese calendar settings.

Fixed an issue where indices wouldn't get updated when adding to-dos to projects. The upgrade progress indicator did not show progress when launching Things. Fixed an issue with repeating to-dos where repeating dates were calculated incorrectly when specifying, "Repeat yearly every 2nd Sunday in May", etc.

Fixed problem that in some rare situations could result in repeating task templates to lose their repeating status and show a due date of or Email links in project notes are now saved. Fixed an issue where dragging a to-do from the Next list was not possible when view was filtered by due date. Due items now remain in the Today list if you detach their project from an area.

Fixed an issue in the Quick Entry dialog where values entered in "Show in Today" were not saved. Regression in Quick Entry dialog. Added button again to select tags from drop-down list. Project notes are now included in the print view. Fixed an issue where the menu item "Move to Next" was not disabled for repeating to-dos. Fixed a bug where Things crashes when in edit mode while launching an AppleScript. Fixed an issue where area and project headers would show up multiple times in the Next list. The hotkey option for the Quick Entry dialog is now disabled when unchecked. Fixed crash when syncing after deleting the library on the Mac only when tags in areas were present on the iPhone.

Updated index and keyboard shortcuts. Fixed an issue where "delete every area" did not delete the last area. Certain network conditions made the sync progress window appear even when there was no sync session in progress. Fixed display bug that occurred when entering long notes or titles in lists containing only a few to-dos. Fixed a bug that prevented text to be copied into the Quick Entry dialog. New model for working with delegated to-dos. Delegated to-dos retain their focus and are visible both under the teammate as well as in the focus they have been moved into.

When updating from Things 1. Added support for Area sync for Things for iPhone. When an overdue to-dos is set to Not Today, it will stay in the Next list until the next day. Previously overdue to-dos were moved back to Today upon restarting Things or syncing. Changed keyboard shortcut for the "File Updated the software auto-update mechanism we are now using Sparkle 1. New support URLs instead of the previous built-in window.

Updated and re-worked the UI of the iPhone Preferences pane. Changed computation of badge count in sidebar and dock icon for better compatibility with Things touch. Significantly improved the reliability of Wifi sync. Added warning message when delegating a to-do from a project that has already been delegated. Global search now finds to-dos from inactive projects.

The "Show in Project" command now also works when the Active Projects group is collapsed in the sidebar. The drop targets for drags to the top or bottom of a list are larger now and drop indicators are fully drawn. Creating new to-dos in the Trash is now prevented. Tag hierarchies are now being handled correctly would previously hang when setting parent tags. Wrong button style in trial-expiration dialog on Mac OS X Repeating projects without a due date no longer display a wrong due date of Disabled non-functional "Toggle Someday" menu command for tasks in a project.

Improved reliability of iPhone sync for canceled projects. Improved reliability of iPhone sync in situations where tasks in a completed project have been unchecked. Fixed various situations that led to empty todos in the iPhone's Inbox. Adding a new task to a completed project uncompletes the project.

Adding a new task to a logged project sets the new task to logged. Marking a task in a completed project as uncompleted also marks the project uncompleted. Uncompleted projects can no longer be dragged to the Logbook. Repeating tasks can no longer be moved into projects using the File dialog. When dragging items from the Trash to an area, they no longer stay in the Trash, but are made active instead. Reodering tags in the Tags window no longer crashes the app.

Removed a bug that sometimes causes Things to crash during sync. Removed a bug that led to area headings appearing in the Inbox on the desktop after moving items to the Inbox on the iPhone. Drag and drop of projects and areas in the sidebar is now immediately reflected throughout the entire UI. Fine tuned the Inbox and Area icons.

Setting multiple projects to inactive at once is now also possible when both active and inactive projects are selected. License dialog. Name is no longer pre-populated from the Address Book since this caused confusion. Pressing the escape key in the iCal preference pane no longer dismisses changes without a warning.

Fixed a bug where the date chooser would not disappear after editing the due date of a project. When the Things window is minimized, clicking on the Dock icon now maximizes the window. Moving items to other sources does no longer cause some of the remaining items to become selected.

The "Show in" toolbar button in the Logbook is now working for items that belong to a project. After creating a new area, pressing the space bar to create new todos is now possible. When clicking on an area header in Next, the corresponding area is now selected in the sidebar. Tags can no longer be accidentally assigned by pressing shortcuts while editing a to-do. Corrected typos in the Help Book. Corrected typos in the German localization.

Reordering items in the Today list new style no longer changes the order in projects. Moving multiple items to the Today or other lists no longer reverses their order. Wording in Projects list is now "xx more inactive or scheduled". Fixed a rare bug that resulted in displaying a "Failed to save.

Unknown store type, format, or version. German localization. Translated labels and menu commands that were overlooked in v1. Keyboard shortcut for Tags window is working again. Keyboard shortcut for Find is now also working in German localization. Changed keyboard shortcut for opening the Tags window to Cmd-Shift-T. Changed keyboard shortcut for the Toggle Today menu command to Cmd-T.

The title of the menu item now reads "Today" or "Not Today" as appropriate. Combined menu commands for moving items to the Someday and Next list into a single toggle command with keyboard shortcut Cmd-S. The title of the menu item adapts to the current selection and also reflects the difference between single to-do items and projects. Changed keyboard shortcut for scheduling items to Cmd-R. The menu item's title now reflects whether an item is rescheduled or scheduled for the first time. Added menu commands for filing items and marking items complete. Added keyboard shortcuts for logging completed items Cmd-L , making items repeating Cmd-Alt-R , and marking items un completed Cmd-.

Changed keyboard shortcuts for the Go To commands to Cmd-0, Cmd-1, etc. Removed expiration date. Added a trial period reminder to the main window's title bar. The search field now scrolls when entering more text than it can hold. When resizing the main window, the Logbook and Trash items in the sidebar now move immediately instead of jumping after resizing is complete. Translated two previously neglected dialogs. The Things 1. Manage areas dialog.

Single Player Commands -

It is now possible to enter tags that didn't exist previously. When having many tags assigned to a project, they are no longer clipped in the project header. Notes that were added to an area item in earlier versions are now recovered and stored in an automatically generated to-do item inside the area. New sidebar icon for Inbox. Tweaked size of iCal preference pane.

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Areas containing a scheduled item weren't ordered correctly. Changed expiration date to Jan 15th. Corrected a typo in the German localization. Added a beautiful! To-dos in the Today list can now be reordered across project and area boundaries. Consequently, the project and area headings are gone. In flat lists like Today or when filtering by due date or searching, the project's title and due date are displayed in the to-do item itself. In flat lists, tags inherited from a project or area are displayed in gray within the to-do item itself. The "Show in List" toolbar button is now displayed in all flat lists not only while searching.

Moved the Projects list to the Focus group. Previously, users new to Things often overlooked the Projects overview. Removed an unnecessary level of indentation by grouping projects and areas under collapsable headings. Titles of projects and areas can now be edited directly in the sidebar. It is now possible to reorder projects and areas in the sidebar. Projects can now be organized directly by dragging them in the sidebar to, e. Added contextual right-click menus. In the main pane of the Things window, areas no longer appear as objects in their own right.

Specifically, the Areas list is gone, and areas can now be managed using a dedicated "Manage Areas" dialog. Areas no longer display a header. This leaves more space to the contained items and further helps to distinguish areas from projects. Project header. Tags now get their own line to prevents multiple tags from being clipped. Added a notes field, so it is no longer necessary to go to the Projects list to review a project's notes. New design to make the new extended header to appear lighter. Changed wording from "Reminder" to "Show in Today" to more clearly communicate what the function does.

Starting to edit a project item now always switches to the project view. Adapted the appearance of items in editing mode to the new style used in project headers. Added a "Make Repeating The ordering of the Today list now syncs correctly with Things on the iPhone.

This requires Things for the iPhone version 1. With version 1. Added support for syncing tags with Things for iPhone version 1. Version 1. Removed "Show due items in Today list" option in Preferences. Due dates and activation dates Scheduled list are now evaluated at midnight instead of 4: This improves compatibility with the iPhone version. In a later release we will add a preference to set a custom time of the day or rather night: Improved performance when resizing the main window.

Removed a bug that sometimes cause Things on the iPhone to crash during sync. The due date filter button now displays correctly on Tiger. Fixed a bug that prevented due dates from being saved in repeating to-do templates when starting the edit session by using the action gear in some situations. Fixed a bug that resulted in the contents of the sidebar to be shifted and partially clipped. Fixed a bug that prevented Reminders now renamed to "Show in Today" to be synced to the iPhone. Fixed a bug that resulted in the wrong to-do being marked as completed when clicking on a checkbox while another to-do was in editing mode.

The filter bar no longer appears for lists that contain a single item with multiple tags. The due date filter button no longer appears for lists that contain a single item with a due date. Changes made in project headers no longer get lost when clicking the New To Do button. The "Empty Trash" toolbar button is now disabled when Trash is already empty. Things for Mac 0. You can now use Command-F to move keyboard focus to the search field. The only exception is when editing the note section of a to-do. In that case the standard find panel is shown.

Improved reliability of "https" URL detection. Schedule Dialog, regression. When re-scheduling a to-do it was no longer possible to move the date to the past. Schedule Dialog. The title of the action popup button now also updates when clicking into the date picker. The state of toolbar buttons now update correctly when the selection changes due to applying an operation that removes an item from the current list.

Syncing priorities now also works with the German localization. Minor improvements to the German localization. Increased robustness and reliability of device discovery under unusual network conditions. Added "Sync now" menu command and button Preferences. The progress window now has a cancel button and remembers its previous position.

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Fixed a Things touch crash related to syncing unmodified duplicated to-dos. Canceling and re-opening the set-up assistant sometimes led to devices no longer being discovered. Canceling the set-up assistant but still entering the code on the iPhone no longer crashes Things. When initiating sync from the mobile device, Things no longer moves all of its windows to the front.

Sync process is still shown, but hidden immediately after sync has finished. The search field now operates on the entire Things database. Previously, searches were limited to the currently selected list. For global searching, a "Show in List" button has been added to the toolbar only visible when searching which will display the currently selected search result in its original list. Added a graphite version to the due date filter button. This setting automatically adapts to the Appearance setting for System Preferences.

On Tiger, automatic logging and the activation of start and due dates were broken. Minor refinements. When scheduling items, the date can no longer be set to today inadvertently. Empty projects or areas can no longer be dragged to the Inbox. Larger font size for notes. Interface refinements capitalization, ellipses, checkmarks in Windows menu, etc.

Fixed oversights in German localization. Fixed an issue that resulted in to-dos not being shown under their respective projects. Better reliability of "Duplicate" command and recurring task copies. In the list associated with an area, to-dos can now be dragged onto projects. Fixed a bug in the natural language processing of due dates Changed the expiration date to Oct 15th. Toggling the Today flag now also works on mixed selections.

Alt-Backspace shortcut for marking items as Canceled. Added "Log Completed" tool to project view. Tags window. Fixed a bug that prevented children of tags to be reordered regression due to optimizations introduced in a previous Leopard update. Fixed a bug that prevented children of inactive projects to be updated correctly when the project was moved to "Next".

Changed spelling of "Cancelled" to American English. Canceling due items now works correctly. Sidebar counts no longer include canceled items. In the morning the dock count was only updated after making Things the active application. To Do items now can have a "Cancelled" status. Warning when attempting to check off a project that still contains incomplete items. More compact design of the Today and Next lists. The preferences window can no longer be inadvertently resized. Doing so previously broke the window's layout.

To Do items generated by repeating task templates are no longer ignored. Immediately" setting in other applications as well. When specifying a tag x in the "Only items having any of the following tags" field, items that carried a child tag of x were not synced. Validation of "Items" menu commands is more accurate now. Emptying the trash when the Trash list is selected no longer crashes Things regression in 0. Logging projects that still contain incomplete items no longer breaks the ordering in Next and Today regression.

Adding a new item in Things while another one is still open. The item that was already open is now properly closed and the newly created one enters editing mode. Long project titles and tags no longer overlap. Removed debugging code that resulted in Things using excessive amounts of memory. Added headers and footers.

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Long dates no longer overlap. The print document window is now automatically closed when saving a PDF. Printing should now work on versions of Tiger prior to Fixed a bug that resulted in "after completion" option not working properly. Repeating items. Resuming a previously paused item no longer crashes Things. Quitting Things before closing an edited item no longer results in loosing the most recent changes. The Things library is written to disk more often now after each edit. Fixed a bug that resulted in upcoming dates to be computed incorrectly for the weekly setting when the number of weeks was bigger than one.

Fixed regression of Leopard style email links introduced in 0. Dragging emails to notes should now work again from all mailboxes including Notes. Italian date format. Fixed a parsing problem that was caused by the fact that "mar" is short for both a month and a weekday name. Completed items in the trash are no longer logged. The "Move to Today" action is always preselected when scheduling an item that is marked Today. Quick Entry Dialog. When choosing the Scheduled list, the Postpone dialog now shows the correct title.

The count displayed in project items now reads "1 item" instead of "1 items". Minor cosmetic changes. Scheduled items can me made repeating by using the drop down menu left of the items. Pull down menu next to postponed items in Scheduled now displays the absolute date as its first item. Descriptions of repeating items now correctly use 21st, 22nd, 23rd instead of 21th etc. Action gear drop down menu now shows a message when user attemps to make a to-do repeating which is contained in a project future versions of Things will support this option.

Replaced "Postponed" title with "Scheduled" in "Go To" menu command. Make Repeating: The Error Report dialog now offers to try to resume instead of quitting Things regardless. Fixed a crash in situations where the target of a file link was deleted or unavailable. Fixed a crash related to unnamed items.

Fixed a crash on systems where the Helvetica font was disabled or deinstalled. Fixed a crash that occurred while attempting to manipulate a newly created item with the mouse while the item was still in editing mode. Better error handling. Things will now catch more unexpected errors and also offers a convenient way to send reports via email.

Single Player Commands

To-dos and projects can now be duplicated via the menu command in the Edit menu. Renamed "Postponed" to "Scheduled" The Scheduled list now uses headings to groups items like "Next week", "April", etc. The Scheduled list now uses relative dates The Scheduled list now re-sorts instantly when changing a date. Added a "Move to Today"-option for postponed to-dos. The add tag button menu is now hierarchically structured. The add tag button now also works when the tag field does not have keyboard focus.