Creating more space on mac hard drive

What’s Filling up My MacBook Startup Disk?

  1. 8 Top Tips: How To Free Up Disk Space On Windows Computers
  2. How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way
  3. Understanding What “Your Startup Disk is Full” Means
  4. 6 Ways to Free up Space When MacBook Startup Disk is Almost Full

For many computer users, most of the disk space used is by applications and games. If you find that you no longer use certain programs, you can uninstall and remove them from your hard drive. Again, Windows provides the ability to easily get rid of any unwanted programs that we may have on our computer.

Unfortunately, Windows does not provide an easy way to find and remove these duplicate files, so a third party software is needed.

8 Top Tips: How To Free Up Disk Space On Windows Computers

Duplicate Sweeper has a clear and easy interface, and finds and removes duplicates easily. Let Duplicate Sweeper automatically select duplicate files for removal, using your preferences, or select individual files yourself. On a similar point, you can also delete any duplicate tracks in iTunes which can take up a lot of disk space.

From this list you can delete any duplicate tracks. However, if you have loads of duplicate files listed, which ones should you delete? To manually go through each track and pick the best may take some time. For this reason, many people use a third-party software to help out.

How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way

One such application is Tune Sweeper. Tune Sweeper can quickly search your iTunes library for duplicates, and automatically select which to remove based on preferences such as highest quality, longest duration or latest played.

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Tune Sweeper can also tidy up your iTunes library by fixing track information, downloading missing album artwork to tracks, removing missing tracks and loads more. Yes, we deleted temporary files containing webpages, stored on your hard drive for quick viewing. Unfortunately, the Disk Cleanup method did not include files saved by external apps such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

There may still be gigabytes worth of cookies, internet history and caches stored on your computer. You can delete this information directly from your browser, or by using a third-party application.

Understanding What “Your Startup Disk is Full” Means

Some of these files which we have removed using the above steps may end up being moved to the Recycle Bin. This is a nice safety measure, because if you make a mistake and have removed a file which you now want back, you can easily restore the file from the Recycle Bin. However, the files in the Recycle Bin are still taking up space on your computer. All previous methods in this list describe how to delete or remove files from your computer which you may not need.

However, what of the files which you wish to keep, such as precious photos, video and music? These media types can accumulate to some serious storage space, but if you no longer have space for them on your PC hard drive, you still have options! Just open it up and run through a scan, and then go into the System Junk section to identify all of the cache files and other things that you can clean up. The thing about temporary files, of course, is that most of them are going to come back after you use your Mac for a while.

So deleting temporary files is great, but only works for a while. You can then delete these space hogs to free up space. If you care about these files, you may want to move them to external media — for example, if you have large video files, you may want to store them on an external hard drive rather than on your Mac.

Mac applications come with language files for every language they support. However, you probably just use a single language on your Mac, so those language files are just using hundreds of megabytes of space for no good reason. You can change the Mail settings to not download attachments automatically to save space, or run a cleanup tool to get rid of them. You can run a scan, head to Mail Attachments, and see all of the attachments that can be deleted.

Click Clean, and your hard drive will be free of them. And those folders sit there looking innocuous but taking up tons of space on your drive. Once you are there, you can go through the new settings and enable the ones that make sense to you.

6 Ways to Free up Space When MacBook Startup Disk is Almost Full

For example, you can delete downloaded. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. News Features Reviews. A slow but cost-effective way of adding a large amount of storage to your MacBook. You might want to keep your external drive for only backups, archives, and home use. Thunderbolt is an ultra-fast interface developed by Apple and Intel. That means it can carry a lot more bandwidth, which makes it perfect for transferring or accessing files on an external storage medium.

RAIDs use two or more drives for a flexible storage solution.

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  • Some systems—like the LaCie 2big —come with drives. Others systems ship with just the arrays and allow you to source the drives yourself.

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    5. Your Startup Disk is Full on Mac OS - How to Fix It.

    These include multiple bays for several full-sized hard drives. If you have money to burn, you can throw a few solid state drives in there instead. Most of them are plug-and-play, while providing a huge amount of storage to choose from. Read More for adding more storage to your Mac. Older MacBooks include an SD card slot, which allows you to quickly transfer media without plugging in your media device.

    You can also use your SD card slot to expand your MacBook storage. A stray bump could cause damage to both the port and SD card. With a bit of care, though, an SD card can offer serious storage at a relatively affordable price. Not all of them are the same, after all. Here are the minimum specs you should aim for depending any given activity or need.

    Read More for some tips. A cheap upgrade that offers decent transfer speeds, depending on what you spend. But since larger drives are more affordable than they were when you bought your computer, the increased storage might still be worth it. Keep in mind that upgrading involves opening your laptop enclosure, which will void any warranty you have on your machine.